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About Ultimate Group

Ultimate Group offers a full range of in-house print and distribution services enabling us to give our clients competitive prices and piece of mind that the printing work is handled in its entirety by us.

Often, now clients can benefit from running certain lower volume work digitally. In the past there were quality issues but with the latest Cannon technology there is no real difference in the quality in both print and paper.

The main area of our current work is producing insurance policy and advertising documents, which can vary from finished glossy brochures to folded or stitched booklets. We also support the financial industry in producing annual reports, which in lower volumes can be personalised and run digitally.

Large print runs are still printed using litho technology on our new Heidelberg Speedmaster press. The Heidelberg Speedmaster produces consistent print quality throughout the run adjusting for temperature and moisture changes automatically keeping the colours true to the designer's requirements.

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